Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tout le Monde Avec

If the activity Tout le Monde Qui appealed to you, this one will appeal to you as well.

The setup and play is the same.  Put all of the students in a circle (preferably a circle of desks so they have something to place their items on).  Each desk should have either a sheet with pictures of items that correspond to vocabulary words OR even a ziploc bag with little figurines if you can find them.  The sheet or bag needs to stay at each desk/chair, so what each student hands will also change when they change seats.

Then play as normal.  The middle person says, "tout le monde avec _____" and anyone who has that item on their sheet or in their bag has to move.  With school supplies, you can maybe even have it be any student with that item with them in class.

It's a great way to apply the "Tout le Monde Qui" game to vocabulary that doesn't apply to students' specific descriptions, preferences or lives.

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