Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tout le monde qui...

I love activities that get the kids moving around and active.  Students easily get bored if they are constantly in their seats only taking notes or doing worksheets.

One activity I love to do is called "tout le monde qui..."

You need to put chairs or desks in a circle so that it is completely enclosed.  There should be one less desk than people.  One person stands in the middle and depending on the theme of your game, they will say "tout le monde qui ______________".  Anyone who fits into this category (including the person in the middle) must get up and find a new desk.  They must choose a desk that is not their own, nor a neighboring desk.  There will always be one person who is seat-less, so that remaining person is the person in the middle.

Some themes I have done are colors (tout le monde qui porte _____), clothing (tout le monde qui porte _____ ), family (tout le monde qui a _______), and food (tout le monde qui aime _______).

This game is a great way for the kids to practice vocab.  At the beginning of a unit, I allow them to use their vocab sheets, but by the end, they are not allowed to.


  1. Oh my goodness! I have a blog post that's very similar to this, but I swear that I only found your blog recently! :-) I think you're way more succinct than I am, and I talked about using it for DPA or to practice imparfait vs passé composé as well.

    Tammy @ Teaching FSL

  2. I teach English as a second language in France and I love your idea! I will definitely try this out very soon. Ne le prends pas mal mais juste une petite remarque: en français, on dirait plutôt "tous ceux qui..." ("tout le monde qui..." sounds awkward in French).