Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kahoot Trivia Game

If you have never heard of Kahoot, I strongly encourage you to read this blog post.  Why?  Because Kahoot is AWESOME.

If you have ever played trivia in a bar, it is the same concept, except YOU get to write the questions and your students get to answer.

To start, you must go to  and sign up for a free account.  Then you are ready to get started.  First you must create a quiz.  Then, you write questions which can be text, photos, or both (they also have a beta version going with videos, but I haven't tried it yet).  You then write the four different options of answers and indicate which is the right answer.  Keep clicking add question until you are finished, then click save and continue.

Once the quiz is done, you can launch it, projecting your computer image onto the screen.  Your students will go to and enter the 4-5 digit pin code for said game and then enter their names.  As they enter, you will see their names pop up at the front of the room.  Once everyone is in, you launch the game.

As the questions pop up, students must choose the correct answer from their own device.  The faster they answer (correctly), the more points they get.  If they answer wrong, then no points.  Between each question, you will see a leaderboard on the main screen.

My students LOVE Kahoot.  The fun thing about it, too, is that you can do the same one more than once because it only further reinforces their remembering of certain facts.  I know I'm a foreign language teacher, but really, any subject could do this.

Check it out! I promise your kids will be begging for more.