Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale (updated!)

I am throwing a HUGE SALE. The sale is done :(  But my $25 deal below is ongoing!

Everything in my store is now 15% off, now through Monday (the day after Easter).

To top that off, anyone who makes $25 worth of purchases in one transaction and leaves me feedback on at least ONE item (feedback is crucial so that future buyers know the quality of my work) will receive a FREE GIFT! 

What is this free gift you ask?

All of my work that is in my possession (stuff I've made, stuff that has been shared with me, stuff I've collaborated on, stuff I've found) is in one backup folder on Google Drive.  This folder updates as I make new activities.  If you make $25 worth of purchases and leave me feedback on at least one item, I will share that folder with you (to access it, you must have a Google account of your own...don't's free if you don't have one).

What does that mean?  That means you have basically "subscribed" to me.  EVERYTHING I have ever made, shared, sold, not sold, as well as anything I will ever make in the future will now be at your disposal.  I am talking HUNDREDS of files and resources organized into folders by topic and/or by book and chapter. (Of course... Mrs. Organized right over here has everything organized into folders).

I cannot, in good conscience, sell this "subscription", as there are things in my Google Drive folders that are not my original works (but don't worry, everything on my Teachers Pay Teachers store is).  While much of the work is my own, some of it is things shared with me by other teachers.  This is why it is a FREE GIFT.  It is no different than sharing resources with you, my worldwide colleagues.

So, go check out my store at THIS LINK! I have some awesome resources in there that could help you greatly.  A majority of my items are 1.99 or less (that's before the 10% discount).  Please leave me feedback after you have used them!  Feedback helps me make resources even better for my buyers.

If you decide to take advantage of my sharing offer, once you have made your purchase and left feedback, click on THIS LINK to fill out a form.  The form asks you for the transaction and feedback information as well as your e-mail address.  Once I see that everything is set, I will add you as someone who can view my shared folder.

If you are interested in starting your own Teachers Pay Teachers store, CLICK HERE.  It is totally and completely free and a great way to earn some extra cash.  All it takes is a couple minutes of your time to upload a resource and that's it! No more work and it can gain an unlimited amount of money.


  1. So, let me get this straight. If I spend $25 at your TPT store, I'll get access to everything? That sounds too good to be true! BUT - if it is true, I'm all over that! Your things are great and it sure saves time trying to create something myself.
    Thanks! :D

    1. Not too good to be true! Just true :)
      All you have to do is make at least $25 worth of purchases and leave me at least one piece of feedback. Once you fill out the form, I just share my google drive with you, which has EVERYTHING in it, also organized by folder (topic and/or book and chapter)