Friday, February 13, 2015

9 Websites that do the Work for You

Every time I come across a useful tool for making my job easier, I bookmark it.  As teachers, we rarely have time to eat lunch, let alone make complicated puzzles and other things.  To make life even easier for everyone else, I have decided to compile a list of said links.  Most are applicable to any content area, but a few are language specific.  What do they all have in common? They do most of the work for you while still letting you personalize the content.

1. Crossword Puzzle Maker

2. Random Number Generator

3. Stopwatch- the bonus to this one is it can automatically repeat and make sounds.. great for stations

4. Family Tree Maker- great for laying out a family tree when teaching that vocabulary

5. Word Cloud Maker

6. Word Search Maker

7. Clock Face Generator

8. Word Scramble Generator

9. QR Code Generator Template- this is one of my FAVORITES

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