Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Zut Alors Review Game

I came up with a really fun game that the kids absolutely love.

The game is called Zut Alors.  I bought two big black foam boards.  On each board I folded 26 4x6 note cards in half and taped them on by the sides with the open side up.  One board I labeled to be questions (and each note card labeled with a letter of the alphabet).  The other board is points (note cards are numbers).  I then cut 13 white note cards in half.  On the bottom half of one side of them, I wrote a point value.  The points could be +10, +20, +50, +100, Take 10, and Give 10.  A few cards also say either Zut! or Zut Alors!  If a team gets a Zut card, all of their points go into the "Zut-Pot" (basically a box I write on the board).  If they get a Zut Alors, they get all of the points that are in the Zut-Pot.  I then mixed them up and put one in each numbered spot. 

Then, I cut 13 more in half and wrote questions on them.  These were then placed in each of the lettered spots. 

Then we play!

The rules are as follows:

1. Split the class into teams.  Ideally teams should be no larger than 4 or 5.  I've played it with each student being their own team (when I have smaller classes).  I try not to have more than six teams, otherwise it takes forever.

2. Each team needs to be given a whiteboard, a marker, and an eraser.

3. Each team takes turns choosing a question.  I take the 1/2 of a note card out and project it on the screen for all to see.  Each team must answer the question on their boards, not just the team whose turn it is.  After 30-60 seconds, I have them hold up the boards.  If the team whose turn it is gets it right, they can pick a card from the points side.  If they get it wrong, each team that got it right gets 10 points and I also put 10 points into the Zut-Pot.

The nice thing about this game is once you make it, all you have to do is replace the question cards to fit your unit.  It's also really fun because it's not 100% about skill, there's also some luck to it.  I've had teams of students who aren't as strong still win.  It definitely mixes up the class.  Plus it's exciting, especially at the end, when you're waiting on that last draw to determine the outcome.

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