Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vocabulary Diagrams

Vocabulary is one of the hardest things to "learn" for students, especially in a foreign language.  Any given chapter that I teach, there are usually at least 50 new vocabulary words they have to learn.  I'm not a huge fan of flashcards because I don't like my students memorizing translations.  I want them to look at a pen and think "stylo".  I don't want them to look at a pen, think "pen...pen in French is stylo...STYLO".  Any flashcards I do use have photos instead of words.

One activity I love to do to reinforce vocabulary is a diagram project.  For example, during the school unit, I had the students draw a diagram of the classroom and label at least 15 items (3 of which had to be verbs like raising your hand, talking, asking a question, studying, etc).  It's a great way to apply vocabulary with them actually CREATING the vocabulary.

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