Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quarter End

Well tomorrow is the last day of quarter one, but I will be at a teaching conference, so today is pretty much my last day of the quarter.  Because it is also the end of a month (well yesterday was, but I figured today would be better) they are having their Chapter tests today.  Each class. 105 tests to grade today before I go home.  Agh.

It's always so frustrating (and it happens every time) to have kids come to me a day or two before a test and say, "Madame! I don't get ANYTHING you're saying."  I get that things can be confusing, but I'm not a mind reader.  I always try so hard to leave time for questions/clarifications.  I've also really tried to make myself as approachable as possible so that when someone is confused, they feel comfortable asking me for help.  But even this week I had a parent email me that their child was in tears and confused and wanted help.

I saw that a large chunk of students studied on Conjuguemos last night.  Conjuguemos is this AWESOME foreign language program online where you can create activities, quizzes and homework for your students so that they practice.  It's perfect for verb conjugation and vocabulary.  You can often find activities already created by other users in your language that you can use.  Anyway, because of all the practice they did, I am hopeful that they all do well today.  We'll see!

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