Friday, November 21, 2014

Conjugation Pasting

My French 1s are currently in the throes of learning ER conjugations, and they were having a hard time understanding the connection between things like "parler", "tu" and "parles" for example.  I wanted them to see it as a whole picture rather than just copying and pasting more verb charts, so I came up with an idea that I think would work well for a LOT of different verbs (especially those four main verbs).

What I did was write 6 different infinitives on the board and put each of the six subject pronouns underneath.  Then, I had the class help me define the infinitives.  Next, I cut out different conjugations of all of the verbs and gave one or two to each student.  Then, they had to tape their conjugation to the right spot.

This activity, while simple, worked SUPER well.  They definitely started to see how everything worked together with the infinitives and the different endings based on the subject.  Give it a shot sometime!

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